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Welcome to the Berchtesgaden National Park - the only German national park in the Alps. The independent development of the animal and plant world is in the foreground in the protected area around Watzmann and Königssee. But that's not all: visitors gain unique experiences in the wilderness and learn the secrets of golden eagles, marmots and co. Around 260 kilometers of hiking trails and alpine paths open up the 210 square kilometer area.

We are happy about every visitor! But for everyone's enjoyment, please adhere to the rules of conduct in the protected area. Our wild animals and plants will thank you. Thank you very much!

Rules & Notes


Rules of conduct

You can't do without rules - especially not in a protected area. Visitors are welcome! But in the Berchtesgaden National Park, nature plays first fiddle. Therefore some rules of conduct.

Tips for on the road


Hiking in the National Park

Alone, with family and friends or on the road by bike, snowshoe or with the dog - Berchtesgaden National Park offers countless tours: from barrier-free hiking trails to alpine ascents.



Hiking program

Throughout the year there are guided hikes and other educational activities for young and old. Just take a look, the offer is great!